Friday, April 17, 2009


WAAAAAAAAAAAANT. : ( This is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color computer. It is old. My uncle has the same model from way back when, it's still in grandma's house where his old room is. It doesn't work anymore. So. I was lookin on ebay for them. Found this one, has a buy it now price of $20 and shipping about ten. :/ Thirty buxxors.

Pros: Old technology fetish. I'd have mucho fun with it and learning to program things.
Cons: What if I can't hook it up to a screen because it's old and I'll have basically paid thirty bucks for a giant plastic, metal and silicon paperweight?

Sigh. I'm so ambivalent. But I think I'll hold off until summer. I need to save my monies anyway.

But, damn, if there was ever a want I had super bad, it'd be this. *___*


  1. My dad still has a working Trash 80 in the basement, and he may let you fiddle with it if you ask nicely enough XD

  2. Kait, why would you WANT a Trash 80?