Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is how you deal with cows, good sir.

“I think they should have handled it differently, putting her on a flatbed like they did. That was like putting a cow up there,” said Smith’s boyfriend, David Johnson.

This, about the 750-pound woman who just died in Indy. SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS. Good sir, that is a cow. That's almost as much as five fully-grown adult women. How the hell else were they supposed to get her out? wait for the boards under her to snap and roll her out of the building? Or maybe just grease her up and roll her out the window onto a slide?

When you're 750 pounds, you've pretty much given up any claim you've ever had of dignity, alive or dead. here's the full article:


  1. >.> I quite agree. And I wonder who in their right minds would date a 750 pound woman, or let her get to that state? I wonder if they care about that. I wonder how big the boyfriend is. o.o Hmm. *goes to read article*