Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I will not make a Katy Perry reference in my title.

Some of you may have heard of certain shenanigans on a certain Friday night a certain two weeks ago during a certain heavy snow. I, along with most of the people on my floor, was playing out in the snow (chillin' like a bro), trying to instigate a snowball fight and being manly and not using gloves. I was having no luck until, quite to my surprise, two possibly drunk men dressed up as Thing #1 and Thing #2 came out of fucking NOWHERE and started running around, pelting us all with snowballs. Eventually they just stayed in one spot, so I decided to grab the opportunity and begin the aforementioned shenanigans.
As they stood there screaming battle cries and being probably drunk, I simply walked up to them. when I was about ten feet away, Thing #1 screamed something at me about being crazy in shorts. So I screamed nothing in particular back at him. Then I looked at Thing #2 for a while, kissed him on the cheek, and came back to our group. They both took off running, and Theo and Tincher somehow got the idea to chase them. Eventually, Tincher slipped on the ice, but did so in a way that he tackled his Thing (NOT A EUPHEMISM). Theo must have seen this, because he decided to tackle his Thing as well. Well...he went a bit too hard. When he came back to us, there was quite the gash on his forehead. So now he's Harry Potter.
Also, I stuck my tongue to a flagpole. We concluded that we both now have epic scar stories :D

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