Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remember me?

Hey guys! I think we should work on posting here more often!

So how have you been? I've been great! I've actually been making it to every one of my classes! *gasp!* Yes, I know...but it's true! I do enjoy my classes this year, but I have to get good grades, at least a B in every class just about, to be able to come back next semester. With the way my classes are, I think that is a veeeeery easy goal.

So let's see...I'm taking Chemistry, 2 German courses, Chinese, and Philosophy.
Chemistry is fine. No homework, easy math.
Chinese is fun :) One of my friend's from another high school is in my class! I'm re-taking the Beginners' course, but that just means it should be an easy A!
German Literature is interesting, the teacher is good, and the class is fun. Subject matter is pretty simple, and the level of German is actually a little below mine. lol.
German Composition is very simple. I'm basically taking it to brush up on my grammar/vocabulary, and for an easy A :)

But Philosophy is different.....
I'm pretty sure I'll get an A though; the set-up of the class is fairly simple. We turn in daily journals, written during class about a question posed by a fellow student, then we discuss the question.
Well, that would be a fairly simple set-up if that's what actually happened in class.
Instead, the professor talks. Basically only the professor. He lets maybe 3 or 4 students state their opinions, but then always has to elaborate, or have his say, or mention what some famous philosopher would have to say on the subject. It's so annoying! I'm not one to talk much in class, but if the professor is going to comment on whatever I may say, I'm less likely to make a sound.

Anyway, I'm ranting a little bit, but that professor's teaching process bothers me ^_^;
Maybe I'll write a little note to him on my next daily journal...

Anywho,...How are your classes going? Any new happenings going on up at UE I should know about?

Oh and I might be heading up to good ole' Evansville in the beginning of December for the UE vs. UNC basketball game. (I could probably convince my dad to just get tickets for him, and let me hang out with y'all? Yes? Good plan?)

tl;dr? -- Hi. I'm good, how are you? School is going well and I'm doing great in all my classes. How is Evansville? I might be going there in Dec, so we must hang out!