Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Glad to hear you're doing well in school, Raura. :D Your professor sounds annoying though :/

I am having fun and damaging myself in studio classes! So far I've skinned all the knuckles on my left hand and torn my thumbnail carving a concrete sculpture. More injuries to follow. ^__^

Otherwise I feel sort of boring. Slightly stressed out, slightly freaked out. I don't really feel like hanging out with people anymore unless I have an anchor point to latch onto. :/ I've been reading for fun! Which is a huge change from last two years.

This summer I frequented the used bookstore and picked up an asston of fantasy/sci-fi books, and was also coerced into playing Magic: the Gathering which is kind of fun but I feel way out of my depth in terms of strategy and such. :/ I don't like games that make me feel stupid. Summer was ok. Weekends were best.

B.Feet and I went to a rummage sale, and it was fun. In my car I found that little piece to your game, but now I have no idea where it went. :(

I'm in an apartment. It's teeny, but Rachel and I are both small, so I think we fit ok.

I made cinnamon/sugar glazed peaches tonight :D the peaches were kind of underripe :/ but it tasted ok. I feel tired and should probably sleep. Tomorrow I have Art history and Sculpture. Considering the conditions of my hand I might swing by home depot tomorrow to look for protective gloves :( oh well. it's fun, and it's hard work, and I feel accomplished.

now I am tired. Tomorrow is going to be a full night of ceramics. Stuff due Thursday and I'm only half-done. :/ Slacking as usual. But it's all good. So, sleep time I think.

Good night!

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  1. little piece to my game?
    whatever are you talking about?