Friday, March 20, 2009

I am SO glad I left before this dumbass came in.

The Pope is an absolute idiot, and a disgrace to the previous Pope.
Reason one:
Reason two:
And the most recent, reason three:

This list will most likely be continuing, so check back every few weeks.


  1. Mr. Wirriams! D: Your second link is 404'd! D: D: D:

    I commented on the first one. >.> I wonder if I should stop being so vocal about things but more and more people are pissing me off lately....

  2. Really? It works for it is again, try this one:


    I am so sick of his shit. So sick of it. I just watched the AIDS thing, and it is ridiculous. God is NOT going to come back and save the entire fucking world. We have to do something about it. I think God is old and tired of our shit and our whining.

    I would be. If I were God, I'd be so fucking sick of all the whiners who want ME to take care of their problems instead of using the arms, legs and brains I gave them to work towards fixing them themselves.

    Course, I'd help the people who were willing to make an effort and work WITH me, and I think God helps those people. But if you're not willing to work for it... I think God probably flips the bird and goes off to help someone who's not just sitting on their ass.

    >.> If I were to assassinate anyone (and probably break my dear mother's heart in the process) .. it'd probably be him. But you know I don't believe in guns... or violence. I hardly ever hit people. I just want him and his influence GONE. I wish the Catholic church was just something we could explode and it would all go away........