Monday, August 3, 2009

A cloud hangs over and mutes my happiness.

It's an Incubus song, (Anna Molly) give me a break!

Anyway. I got laid off for the rest of the summer today. I don't like calling it "getting laid off." It makes it sound like I got fired. Which I didn't. All 7 of the summer help people did. And it's because we're awesome! No, seriously, it's because we did so awesome we got them all caught up. Haha. The good thing is, I can come back during the holidays and/or spring break. Yay!

In other news, 18 days until I move back in! I'm excited! I've kinda started packing, but not really. Just the stuff I'm not using around the house. I'm so excited. I already said that. ..... I'm definitely making it more of a point this year to make my room feel more like home instead of just a room with cinder block walls. [My room didn't really feel like mine last year. It felt like my old roommate's room. Too much pink. Too many princesses. Anyway, I digress.] This means LOTS OF POSTERS! (Sorry, Kait, but you're gonna have to deal with this awesomeness.) I have an Incubus poster that I got when I went to go see them in Cincy (<333333), my Flight of the Conchords poster I got last year, my Monuments and Melodies lithograph, my Spring Awakening poster thing that I made, my Conan Rolling Stone cover poster (along with the other newspaper articles that go with my Conan Corner...I already know where the Conan Corner is going in my sad.) [It's also sad that it has a name...but whatever.] I don't even know if I'm gonna have room for all this. If it doesn't all fit, I'm sure Evan wouldn't mind having the Spring Awakening poster in his room lol.

Other than that, not much else going on, I guess. I'm diggin' the new layout. Props to whoever did that. XD


  1. It's okay. I keep a Stephen Colbert shelf.

  2. I approve, Eliot. Do you remember his beef with Rain? Well, it turns out that he's getting his own TV show in Korea. This could be veeeeeeeery interesting.

  3. Stephen Shelf! Ahaha. Clever, like my Conan Corner.