Saturday, August 1, 2009

What the fuck, you guys.

Okay, it's been like a month since anyone posted. WELL, GUESS WHAT, BITCHES?!? I'm posting. I know I never do, because I never have anything interesting to say, but I will now. Bam.

20 days until I move in. August 21, bitches. It's a Friday. I'm helping with freshman move-in. I'm really only doing so I can get back to Evansville 2 days sooner. Ahaha. So, yeah, party people. Let's fucking go.

I can't wait to go back. This year is pretty much gonna be THE BOMB. New major, new floor, new roommate (thank FUCKING god), new new new new new. Sophomore slump or comeback of the year? Comeback of the year, for sure. Yes, I just used a FOB song. Yes, I just called Fall Out Boy "FOB."

Now I'm gonna go and drool over Conan some more. (Yes, the Conan Corner is indeed coming to Evansville.)

-Bethany- (aka B-Feetz, Beef, Betty, Beth)

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