Saturday, January 24, 2009


So my parents are coming this weekend. They should be here in about... oh, thirty minutes or so. Depending on who's driving.

I'm bored. I want to drop German. The readings are ridiculous. But I don't know what the W would do to me, and I need to have enough credit hours. Although I don't know what to take.

Sigh. Also, I want to make that hat. Except I have to finish Bethany's wristwarmers and Evan's _____ hat! :D lol. No, won't tell you what it is.

Sigh. Idk. I just... I want to sleep. But they'll want me to do stuff and I have homework for like every class. >.< No. I really don't want you guys to be here yet. Maybe next weekend. -___- Aw, whatever. Ten minute nap, then I read for FYS.

Kait out -- like a light. ^^

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