Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowwwwww Dayyyyyyy.

I didn't think colleges got snow days...but it turns out we do, just less than public schools 5:45 AM my roommate's phone went off, and it was a text message. I heard her say "Fuck yeah!" and I said "Do we not have school today?" And she said "No, the university's closed!" so I said "Yes! Turnin' off the alarm."
So we slept for another six hours.

All kinds of branches and big tree limbs are down, and some power lines and branches have even fallen on cars. Evan and I went and played in the snow, and hopefully he'll get the pictures up soon. I'm sitting in my (kind of) warm room and drinking hot chocolate......Evan is in his room doing homework. I don't really feel like doing homework. I hope we don't have classes tomorrow, but we probably will. I should probably write my paper. I should probably do my theory homework.

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