Tuesday, January 27, 2009


That's right, snice. A mix of snow and ice. And right now Evansville has a lot of it. I walked back to my dorm with a fellow music therapy major and I almost fell twice and he almost fell once. It's actually safer to walk on the snice than to walk on the icy sidewalks. Rain keeps falling and it keeps freezing on the snow, making it snice. Poor shorts-wearing Evan fell today. I felt kinda bad. He's kinda klutzy, but so am I. I fall UP stairs. Haha. Anyway, I would be at wind ensemble right now, but it's cancelled because of the snice. I'm sad that the percussion professor's recital is cancelled, but I'll get to see it Thursday. Yay! That is all. Time for dinner....and time to go out in the snice again.

Wish me luck.

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