Tuesday, February 17, 2009


v.v So. I called the Franklin County Circuit Courts today. They sent a letter to my home address telling me I needed to report for jury duty Wednesday, February 25th at 8:30 am. Couple of problems with this.

a. I am a full time college student four hours away from home, with limited funds for gas.
b. I didn't have to invent an exam for that day, I actually have one. And I'm not sure about math. But it's at 12. And in order to get back for my exam I'd have to leave prior to 8 am. Which defeats the point.
c. I can't afford the gas money. Not when I'm going home again Sunday, and I can't just stay there because there's lots of class I'll miss.

Points a) and b) were explained to the bailiff. I told her there was no way I'd be able to get back for my exam in time, etc, etc. She said I was excused. Here's the fun part. They want me to send in a notarized letter explaining to the court exactly what I explained to the bailiff.

I looked in the yellow pages online for notary publics in Evansville. Either side of Evansville, nothing that looks under a 20 minute drive. Thanks a fucking bunch, America. I love you too. Did I mention I can't really afford gas money?

No, no. Really. I really fucking hate you, America. I don't care that you invented a Bacon Explosion. I don't fucking care one bit, because your jury lotteries and bureaucracies are FUCKING. RIDICULOUS.

(When I thought, now where can I find a notary public...?? my mind immediately floated to Heather, thinking "Hey, she's a notary public..." One problem with that. Heather works at the Batesville library. It completely defeats the point. I feel like crying now. Goodbye, sanity....)

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