Monday, February 2, 2009


So, I'm in the library right now...I'm normally not one to go to the library to write a paper, but Nao and Andrew have been getting utterly annoying recently. Well, not necessarily them, mainly just their non-stop, annoying music that they play ALL FREAKING DAY LONG. And there are only like...100 songs on the Ipod, so I hear the same songs, all day every day....GOD IT'S ANNOYING.

Anywho. So, yeah...I'm supposed to be writing my Japanese Culture paper right now...on the Samurai Spirit! Oooooh...XD
I mean, I've gotten the first paragraph done...but I don't really know where to go next. I'll only know that as I write each'll just have to flow out of me like bad diarrhea. XD
I'm just glad that it's a 2:45 class, so I can get most of it done tonight, then add the finishing touches tomorrow ^_^

Oh yeah...and 11 days till I see Dai again!!!!!!! OMFZOMBBQ I CAN'T WAIT! :3

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