Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weird Dream.

I had a weird dream last night too. Evan and Kait and I (maybe Laura was there?) were in New Albany, across from the Kroger on Charlestown Road. The chair of the department of music kept texting me. It was weird. He texted "Where is the Old National ATM in Ridgway?" I thought to myself "second floor" but I didn't text him back. Then all of a sudden this car backs ON TOP of this other car. The girl inside is fine, she can walk, but her face is kind of bruised. I ask her if she wants me to call 911, and she says yes. I call 911 on my cell phone, and APPARENTLY it's different on cell phones. They charge like 5 cents a minute or something. The dispatcher was telling me to go to the Verizon store to pick up my money or pay money, I don't really remember.

Then all of a sudden we were back at UE, and two (cute) guys moved in across the hall from me in the vacant room. We were playing some weird video game, and I think my roommate had a crush on him and I think she was trying to get kissed. Ahahahahaha.

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