Sunday, February 8, 2009

Summer warblings...

Um. I'm mapling, at present, except I'm on a ship that takes me to another piece of the world and is a 15 minute wait. D: In real time.

So! Um. I'm feeling nonchalant. About things. The air is warming up wewt! :D And it feels like spring, and with spring, summer's not too far away!

Which means many things:
1. I have to start looking for/applying for scholarships, like, tomorrow. D:
2. I have to figure out what the hell dad meant by submitting my resume to Hil-Rom for summer internship for any position... because I've looked and there's no way I can do that online. X_x GAH!
3. I might have to put in my app at Pamida or something because there's no way in hell I'm working at Kroger's. Forced union membership for the LOSS.
4. Spring break I'm taking half of my long jeans and long sleeve shirts back home and coming back with SHORTS. AHAHAHA YAY. X3
5. I need to get my ass in gear because it is not yet summer and I still have a lot of stuff to do. Least of all saving for metals next semester if I can get in. (*crosses fingers* >.<)

.... that's about it, for the moment. I'm going to have an ass summer for the most part. Work, work, work. I don't want to try back at the library because they'll have new pages to replace Abby and Christine who are going to be off college-ing come August and the pages they've got now to replace the girls from my year actually want to work all the time. (GASP!) omg. lol. So.

:/ Although I'd love to work there.... I mean. *shrug* I'm not going back to wash dishes, ever. The convent's a no. So basically Oldenburg is a no unless I want to be a waitress which I don't and even if the restaurants were hiring that would mean I'd almost never get out of Oldenburg... although I'd save on gas coz I could walk when it wasn't raining. :/

I don't really want to try for a job where I have to be sort of snazzed up all the time, like at Peebles or Maurices. :/ And Maurice's is heavily perfume-laden anyway. McDonald's is out. Wendy's is out. So is Arby's and Skyline (*swoon* .. oh I do long for that chili... anyway)... and LaRosa's. And the gas stations. :/ Maybe I could check out Harmeyer's. Or something. There's got to be something around here that doesn't completely SUCK.

>.> Course... I could see what dad says about Hil-rom... I guess I wouldn't mind filing papers and answering the phone. Sigh. I don't know.

TL;DR = I'm worried about my summer job and how badly summer is going to suck this year. D: I hope to see everyone a lot though! A lot = at least twice. XDDD

....sigh. It's only february but I'm freaking out already.... sigh. Ah, well. Back to mapling.


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