Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ohshit. Ohshit. Ohshit.

I just had the most horrible dream.

Ok, so I woke up at seven or something and our road tripper Brandy was moving around coz they have to be up early D: and I looked over and she kind of made this... o.O face at me like why are you up and I was like... uhhhh idk. So I went back to sleep.

So then it was raining like a bitch in my dream. We were sitting in my living room and the lights were off and it was like... afternoonish looking and everything was sogggggyy. >< I live next to a creek so heavy rain spells bad things for some of us. So Bethany was there. And she walks in the room and says bye to everyone like I guess she's leaving and she's like "Aly already said bye to me, where's my hug?" lol so I hugged her (at this point I realised Aly was my sister? wtf!) I think Evan and Laura were there somewhere but I couldn't see them.

At any rate, Bethany left (accurately clad in her blue coat, might I add, and holding her giant mass of keys and wallet ^_^) and in a blue van and suddenly there was this HUUUUUUUUGE crash of lightning and thunder and I was like OHSHITOHSHIT BETHANY GET IN THE CAR. But she did and her mom was in it and they drove away and I was still so worried....

Then somehow I ended up outside (great idea during a thunderstorm) and in a giant truck that my dad was driving. My mom was standing outside and my brothers were in the back seat. The truck was parked in that huge green area near the creek across the road from the store (for those of you who've... well, that includes Evan. You are all coming to oldenburg this summer!!!! :D) And at any rate, it was soggy and there were little rivers flowing down the hill to the creek, which was brown and huge and swollen and ridiculous.

There were a whole bunch of adorable little white flowers blooming so I picked a few and they had really long roots that shrunk up when they hit air and the blossoms closed , I was like " D: awwww" . So then I got in the car (idk where mom went) and we started to drive around the green area kind of fast.

I hadn't gotten the door closed, so I was like "Dad, wait, Dad, the door's still open, WAIT A MINUTE, DAD HOLD ON!" and I managed to close the door as we were heading at that bridge at like 20 miles an hour, and he made a sharp turn to avoid it. But our turn brought us into two more huge trucks, one red and one gray, and it was like bumper cars and I was screaming, I can't remember what the boys were doing, and Dad didn't seem too concerned.

I was like "What are you doing!!" and he's like "Don't worry, we're fine" and turned and kept driving. I thought he'd stop and park but no, he kept driving and somehow we ended up on the road to Lawrenceburg (which isn't actually the road to Lawrenceburg, it's just the road to Lawrenceburg that appeared in one of my other dreams. The landscape is flat as in does not stretch on forever but more like a painting, rocky, desertlike, there's always a black thunderstorm in one part of the sky and all the trees are dead. I get the sensation there's buzzards waiting for me. It's a failed construction job as only one side of the road (the part I'm travelling on) is paved.)

I'm pissed, and Dad is all la-la-la I'm just driving, so I get on my cell phone and call mom and I'm like, Dad's driving us to Lawrenceburg, he's not a safe driver and I want to go home. And Dad's like, I was only going down this road a few minutes, then we'll turn around and go back. I was like, Mom I want to go home. She said something, but then all I heard was my alarm going off and I was like... fuck.... can't... get... up... *reach and flails*

>.< It's just horrible. It was the feeling of not being in control and instead there's someone totally irresponsible in control. I don't know why or if this is out of the blue or whatever. I hardly ever remember my dreams. Ohwel. Thought I'd write this down so I didn't forget. It's raining. Maybe that's why. Oh, well. Time for AO! :D

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